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New Show Banner

After over two years of service, I am retiring my “Demon Cat” Banner for my new color “Death’s Head” as a show backdrop. “Demon Cat” been an awesome way to attract people to my art world, but that illustration is over three years old, and it is time to update and upgrade to some newer work, and show off a bit in the process.

Here is the new art as a banner, old retired banner….and a photo of the old banner in action!


Jason Lenox Death Head Banner




Jason Lenox Demon Cat

































Jason Lenox Demon Cat Banner



“HELLBENT FOR INKING” 2014 Jason Lenox Convention Tour Tee Shirt Artwork

2014 means some awesome conventions that I’ll be at, and since I identify as the “Metal Artist” on the con circuit, just like last year, I needed a metal themed tour shirt for the fans, and this year is no different- and super local graphic artist Andy Mylin took my wishes to make a JUDAS PRIEST Themed Jason Lenox shirt into reality with some of my recent artwork.  Here is the new Shirt Artwork that will be for Sale as tee shirts starting in January of 2014 via my website or with me at comic shows at my table/booth. Below are the Front and Back artwork for my 2014 theme “HELLBENT FOR INKING” and the art from Priest’s album “HELLBENT FOR LEATHER” that Andy used as a template is below all of that.

Check out Andy’s website here and contact him if you need some great graphic design and artwork in general if you dig his style- I know I do!

Enjoy some killer tee shirts in a few weeks from yours truly!


Jason Lenox Judas Priest Theme Tee Front


















Jason Lenox Judas Priest Theme Tee Back

















Original Judas Priest Album Cover Artwork


Jaru Marketing Art

Just a small piece I made for my printers at JARU PRINTING in State College for an artist colalge project they are doing.  Hit them up here to learn more about their store and services!

Lion and Rose Handmade Soap- First Batch with New Packaging

Shelly Cleveland Morris has just gotten her first batch of homemade boutique soap completed with the new packaging featuring some old pen and ink artwork that I had done for Lambda Chi Alpha back in 2001.  This stuff looks great, great job on the packaging! The original 2001 artwork is below the packaging photos of the soap.

Here is a nice writeup she did on the process

This is the Facebook Group for her Soap

And this is the store to get some on ETSY












Zero Charisma- Grizelda Artwork used in Film- Screen Cap from Trailer

The Trailer finally came out for “ZERO CHARISMA” and my artwork did make it into the film!  Here is the screen cap from the trailer, my work is at the 1:02 minute mark behind actor Sam Eidson’s Character in his room, tacked on the wall- Grizelda goes Hollywood, just a little bit…  Enjoy this, I certainly did!

Trailer and fundraiser is at

Pages 3 and 12 that are in the screen capture…



Painted Ladies of San Quentin- Promotional Artwork

Just a sweet little postcard I made up to start the drumbeat of promoting this incredible western I’ve been working on for months… I always hated that corny western typeset/font, but for the first time in my life- it makes sense on where to use it!  I also used a little bit of Microsoft Paint and Microsoft Picture Viewer to do the color effect- yes I did some computer coloring- simple, yet effective to give it a burning/old photo look to it.

 Enjoy and Share!

Lion and Rose Handmade Soap- Packaging Logo

So in a blast from the past, and a reuse of some older art from “back in the day” from the end of my Lambda Chi Alpha artwork phase (2001)- here is my old “Rampant Lion and Rose” being used on a boutique handmade soap packaging from a wonderful lady, Shelly Cleveland Morris, in Beaverton, Oregon- thanks internet for spreading the word!  I think this really looks fun and classy, and I would have never thought to use this artwork like this, but unless it’s monsters or people killing each other, what do I know really?

So check out Shelly Morris’s new soaps, and buy a bar for goodness sake!

 here are her links….

Facebook Page for Lion and Rose Soap

Lion and Rose Soap Website

Belle Fera- Model’s Pencil Drawing from Figure Modeling

Belle Fera-The Promotional Fetish Model I do comic shows with- had me do a pencil drawing of her so we can do her as a print to sell at shows.  This is a basic framework platform of her figure/body so we can dress her like a paper doll to match her convention outfits, or do special prints for clients who want some original artwork of her.

Check her out at Belle Fera Model on Facebook, hit her up for some modeling work at an event, or ask about some original art we can make up together for you of her in an outfit, or catch us at a live event to see what we have cooked up!





















Belle and Jason in Monroeville, Dec 2012

Press Release & Cover for ‘Art of Jason Lenox: Collection #1’

Some shameless self promotion to get the word out about my NOW FOR SALE Art Book- check out the awesome cover jam by lights out David Paul using his lettering and my artwork!

I present to you- the official press release!

Jason Lenox Unleashes Access to his Works in: ‘The Art of Jason Lenox, Collection 1’

 State College, PA – (November 27, 2012) — Jason Lenox, a freelance illustrator, has put together his first art book: ‘The Art of Jason Lenox, Collection 1’.   The pieces were selected by Jason Lenox himself and is a representation of the past two years of his artistic journey -combining comic art, concept art, role-playing game art, and pinups. Some of the pages are new pieces created for the book, and some are never before seen personal projects he is now ready to share with fans and collectors for the first time. ‘The Art of Jason Lenox’ is a mix of color and black and white illustrations throughout the 32 pages, quotes from the last year of reviews and press, and a new forward written by author David Paul.  ‘The Art of Jason Lenox, Collection 1’ offers insight and a behind the scenes look into Jason’s creative process with his exotic, sexy and violent projects. The book and Jason’s artwork  are available for purchase online at 

Jason Lenox is a freelance artist who resides in State College, Pennsylvania. Lenox specializes in india ink illustrations and sequential artwork. He also creates original comic books with his collaborators at ‘Ugli Studios’- Lenox has done pinups for Viper Comics, The Aizan Demo project, Wyrlwynd’s Kantara Comic and was featured at the 2012 New York Comic Convention with a story published in Gray Haven Publishing’s Dark Anthology. In addition to his comic and freelance illustrations, Lenox currently serves on staff at The Central Pennsylvania Art Alliance, teaching sequential arts. Jason released his first full length color comic book, ‘UGLI Studios Presents #1′ in May of 2012. Visit to learn more and purchase his artwork.



“A Once Crowded Sky” -Character Pinup- THE SURVIVOR- Final Inks

The final inked version of the character “Survivor” from the Tom King Novel- A Once Crowded Sky .   I tried to use more solid blacks for the Nazi uniform as well as the Roman General armor, I think that the bold blacks really made the sides of the image pop out.  Also the final effect of the Tryptych turned out well if you cover up the sides of the piece to break out the indivual  elements of it- sort of like a classic MAD MAGAZINE “fold in”.




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