I sincerely appreciate you taking an interest in my work

If you would like to discuss a project to do as a collaboration, I am always looking for other creative people to work with.  Perhaps you have a idea that you would like to have me give you a quote on doing some custom artwork for you.  Maybe you want to argue with me about old comic book trivia and pop culture… or possibly you just want to say “hello”……

I am always up for what the people that have connected with my artwork want to say, so please feel free to email me at anytime you feel like it and I’ll be happy to take a minute or more to respond to anything that comes across the wire!



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  1. Mike Raymond says:


    I would like to discuss a collaboration with you dealing with our Fraternity. I am thinking of a large drawing of a pivital scene from our ritual.
    Any interest?

    Mike Raymond

  2. Hi Jason,

    I am building a website for my fraternity (Psi Psi Zeta) and came across one of your drawings on Google. I was looking for a simple, yet striking picture of the Lambda Chi Alpha escuchan (or however you spell it). Your drawing looks amazing! I immediately saved it and played around with it to see how to would look with the new design I was creating ( Of course, I am no where near finishing the website. My professor and I are the only ones that are using it. Anyway, I thought it would be polite to ask you if I could use your drawing. If yes, I will obviously give you credit in the footer and might even make a special page referring people to your site. If no, I will accept that and try to find a less spectacular piece. Cheers mate!


    P.S. Do you have any more drawings related to Lambda Chi?

  3. Dan Heffner says:

    WOW! I stepped into Cosmic Comics on December 18 , 2013 and suddenly it was 1992! It was like Hot Tub Time Machine (without the drinking, fighting and most thankfully John Cusak) there sat Jason a man I had not seen in over twenty years! Jason showed me what he has been up to with his artwork and comics. Good stuff. He reminded me of something he drew back then. A crazy character called Captain Anarchy! When I got home I went to his website and it all came back. I remember sitting in my old shop and this talented kid with vision showed me this short story called Captain Anarchy. I loved the direct high octane art and storytelling then and now. It was good to see it again. If you took Rick Veitch, Raulo Caceres, Budd Root, a six pack of Redbull, a baseball bat and Lobo’s ball bag, puréed it all in a blender you would get the unfiltered, bloody, bone meat shake that is Captain Anarchy. I really think he needs to publish this as a back up story in one of his books. Why not? A short blurb explaining what it is and when it was done and let’er rip. Like Jesse Ventura shredding the jungle. Like any offense versus the 2013 Dallas Cowboys defense. Like behind the cabin in Fargo. Throw it out there man!

    Jason, it was good to see you again. I wish you the best and hope to run into you again sometime soon.

    Former comic shop owner, life long comic fan and big ape,
    Dan Heffner

  4. Hello, my name is Erin Servey and I’m an intern with If you don’t know our website contains a collection of information on performance and art events that happen in the State College area. We are in the process of updating our directory so it includes a multitude of artists and performers in the area. It would be great if you could send a bio of the art you do/about you, along with a photo and we can add you to our site.
    Thank you

  5. Brant LaCoste says:

    Hey, my name is Brant LaCoste, owner of Quantum comics. I am in need of a talented comic artist for my new series for our debut. Please message me back or text me at 251-300-4669.

  6. Brock says:

    Hey, my name is Brock, and I was wondering if you know anyone that publishes comics, I have a script that I would like someone to look at, then possibly getting it created and published, give me some feedback in the meantime thanks.

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