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“TWO WORLDS” -March 2013; Centre Daily Times- Press Coverage and Feature Article about Jason Lenox

I was lucky enough to impress the Editors of our local paper in State College- the CENTRE DAILY TIMES in January at Setsucon when I met photographer Abby Drey (click on her name to go to her blog about our photo session). This  meeting led to a Feature Article in the 3/3/2013 Sunday CDT.  The reporter- Chris Rosenblum- really did a great job capturing my story in his feature piece “TWO WORLDS”.  So please enjoy reading about my personal journey from hothead kid, to a long hiatus to getting back at it 110% as the pen and ink wizard you know and love if you read my site!  Im hoping this leads to even more opportunities for my art in the future- some great stuff in here for Elaine Renna, Joseph Freistuhler and Ken Feduniwicz, and some great hype for Painted Ladies of San Quentin and USP #2 ! 

And as an extra bonus, there is a video of me here on the CDT site.





Abington Journal- Ice Fest Write Up in the News- Feb 2013

When you get put in the same article with someone like Neal Adams- it is the highest compliment you can get when you do what I do with my artwork- enjoy!

And Chris Ring is pretty awesome too!

Zero Charisma- Grizelda Artwork used in Film- Screen Cap from Trailer

The Trailer finally came out for “ZERO CHARISMA” and my artwork did make it into the film!  Here is the screen cap from the trailer, my work is at the 1:02 minute mark behind actor Sam Eidson’s Character in his room, tacked on the wall- Grizelda goes Hollywood, just a little bit…  Enjoy this, I certainly did!

Trailer and fundraiser is at

Pages 3 and 12 that are in the screen capture…



Grizelda- Marker Sketch – Small Commission Piece

A small sketch of Grizelda for a fan I did this weekend- this was done in about 15 minutes with some markers.  This had more of a raw look than the finished pages of a typical page for me, so while it has some raw feeling to it, I think it’s got some vibrant energy to it.

“Grizelda” Kickstarter – Character Sketch for Backer- Inked

The final inked image of Amon Kadesh and Grizelda the Cat from “Through the Eyes of Grizelda”.  Overall I was really pleased with this piece- especially Amon’s left hand on his magic sword!


“Grizelda” – Colored Poster

A look at some of the full color finished art from “Through the Eyes of Grizelda” that will be available soon on this website as an autographed poster.  Awesome work all around from Dani Kaulakis (colors) and David Paul (lettering)

“Grizelda” Kickstarter – Character Sketch for Backer

 Thanks to all of the awesome backers from the “Through the Eyes of Grizelda” Kickstarter Campaign- we have been able to fund the project to get it completed, and very soon sent to publishers around the United States!  A very old and cool friend, Matthew “Donger” Hammer, donated $150 which entitles him to a personal piece of artwork of the characters from the story- so here is the progress picture of this unique piece of artwork I am creating for him!-  Amon Kadesh and Grizelda in their younger days- enjoy!  I’ll put the inked update on here when it is done.

Grizelda Collaborative Logo

Some really great collaborative artwork from the “Through the Eyes of Grizelda” Team.  Cat Silhouette of Grizelda by yours truly- Jason Lenox, Bad Ass Pentagram by Letterist David Paul and Dani Kaulakis Color Goddess with the digital merge to bring it all together!!




Grizelda- Kickstarter Campaign Video

Hey check out the video that SAS Multimedia Studio produced to support the KICKSTARTER campaign to get the “Through The Eyes Of Grizelda” completed, and hopefully published!


You can visit the link at  Grizelda Kickstarter – thanks!

“Grizelda” Page 13, Inks

This is the final page of the “Through the Eyes of Grizelda” project.  I really liked the peace and calm of this page compared to the high action/violence of the prior pages.  It was a nice “book end” to the first page which started with the Cat’s Eye- to Grizelda sitting, to this page with Grizelda sitting (and getting petted- the motive for all of her actions!) to the final shot of the closeup of the Cat’s eye and the Great Beast to close it out.  Also, I really was happy with the closeup of the wrinkled skin of the Necromancer, It turned out to be creepy like I wanted it to.  The Kickstarter Campaign to bring this to a final colored state should be out shortly, and feel free to comment on this project- thanks!


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