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KANTARA Issue #3 pinup artwork for Wyrlwynd – Final Inks

Channeling my inner child of 80’s D&D artwork, I wrapped the ink for my friends at KANTARA for their issue #3 pinup- Enjoy!



KANTARA Issue #3 pinup artwork for Wyrlwynd – Pencils

This is the pinup that I have been working on for Wyrlwynd’s Issue #3 of their fantasy comic KANTARA.  I have been lucky enough to meet Ron, Chris and Mike at events in our region (PA and NY) and we have been chatting about a pinup for a while- that time is now.  Talking to Ron at NYCC- he told me- “Pick what you like and make it awesome from the first issue”.  Well I did that, and picked out what I’ll call a “Cat Lizard” with a solider riding it that Chris Campana designed. Knowing the guys were really going to roll out Dragons in the upcoming issues of the comic, I decided to pull my inner old school RPG self and juxtapose the two, Cat Lizard/Rider with a Dragon as an overhead background element.  The Dragon is part turtle/crocodile/turkey- enjoy!  The Lizard Cat that Chris made was sweet, and I really liked the design- so I tried to amp it up, and bring something new and exciting to the creature.

I’ve included Chris’s art from the book, my thumbnails as well as the finished pencil art below.

I hope all the Wyrlwynd and KANTARA fans enjoy my interpretation of Ron, Chris and Mike’s original creations!

Penciled Pinup…























 Thumbnail #1 & Thumbnail #2….



































 Cat Lizard, Profile- by Chris Campana











Cat Lizard in Action!- by Chris Campana
























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