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Lords of the Cosmos Issue #5 Preview Images

It’s been a minute since my last update on Lords of the Cosmos #5.   I have been focusing on making comic book pages to get the next book closer to completion and less on social media posting and promotion in the last few months.  Rest assured there has been plenty of behind the scenes progress to getting this book done.  I just wrapped up the pencils for the last of my sequential pages for the main story and the primary cover image.  Sign up for the pre-launch notice so you can back Lords of the Cosmos #5 when it goes live.

Here are new sample pages from each of the three stories in the upcoming issue of Lords of the Cosmos

Santa Muerte Memorial Candle Project

This was a cool project for a client’s friend who passed away, and creating a religious themed motif to include Santa Muerte with the deceased in the artwork.

Colored Pencil Satanic Cat Sketch Cover

A recent project on a black sketch cover… a custom Satanic Cat from Jason Lenox was the theme. Always a challenge to work with colored pencils on textured black paper!

Aileen Wournos Commission for Candle Artwork

This was a cool client commission for a small unique project for candles of famous sex workers. You can follow the client Princess Chayse for when these go on sale!

Satanic Charlie Brown Commission

This was another fun small pencil commission.


Just keeping everyone up to date with my progress on Lords of the Cosmos #5.   I will be periodically posting images from all three stories from the next issue as they are completed, so keep an eye out for what is coming up from my creative team.  Sign up for the pre-launch notice so you can back Lords of the Cosmos #5 when it goes live.

2023 Tee Shirt- Diary of a Mad Artist

My 2023 “Diary of a Mad Artist” Tee Shirt is now available for sale on Etsy by clicking HERE !

This is my 10th year making an annual tee shirt, and I always enjoy taking a band that I am a fan of and doing a riff on an album title with my artwork. This year I went with using the 1981 Ozzy Osbourne album “Diary of a Madman” as the basis for “Diary of a Mad Artist” with a nod to the classic 1981 Ozzy logo and bright color scheme.

Satanic Raven

Another image from my Satanic Coloring Book Stretch Goal Set.

Satanic Ren and Stimpy Fan Art

Another fun piece from 2022.


The final hand inked version of this client custom commission for Baltimore Comic Con. I added in a basic sci-fi background to fill the image out completely.

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