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Art of Jason Lenox Volume #2 – Cover

So here is the new cover for my latest project- THE ART OF JASON LENOX VOLUME #2 ….the follow up to my first art book in 2012.  Which now make it a series, and that is really cool.

So- if you are reading this, and dig my work, and you know that is a killer cover, hit up the kickstarter link here and donate a few bucks and get some awesome swag from yours truly!

I also want to give props to graphic arts student Aaron Wharton for the execution of this in Photoshop, I would be lost without his expertise.

You can read Aaron’s musings at



Art of Jason Lenox Volume 2 Cover

Lion and Rose Handmade Soap- Packaging Logo

So in a blast from the past, and a reuse of some older art from “back in the day” from the end of my Lambda Chi Alpha artwork phase (2001)- here is my old “Rampant Lion and Rose” being used on a boutique handmade soap packaging from a wonderful lady, Shelly Cleveland Morris, in Beaverton, Oregon- thanks internet for spreading the word!  I think this really looks fun and classy, and I would have never thought to use this artwork like this, but unless it’s monsters or people killing each other, what do I know really?

So check out Shelly Morris’s new soaps, and buy a bar for goodness sake!

 here are her links….

Facebook Page for Lion and Rose Soap

Lion and Rose Soap Website

“Grizelda” and Jason Lenox in the News

I got a very nice write up about the “Grizelda” project as well as my Personal Art Studio in the Art Section of VOICES of State College.  As always, my doors are open for new students and new ideas!

“Pinhead” Pinup

Did this for some fun- big fan of Hellraiser and it’s star Cenobite- Pinhead!

Promo Art- – 2011

With sweat, scissors and scotch tape- I bring you my promotional card featuring some of the cool characters and creations from my private studio in 2011- Got a crazy idea?  Let me know about it, maybe we can make it reality!

Charcoal Art done from Household Objects – 1994

A nice piece from 1994- Charcoal Still life done in College.  More of a portfolio builder piece than anything else- “Look- I can draw household objects in a simple medium”- anyway, I thought it held up well and a nice example of how I like to do Chiaroscuro– for those who dont know…

Chiaroscuro– in art is “an Italian term which literally means ‘light-dark’. In paintings the description refers to clear tonal contrasts which are often used to suggest the volume and modelling of the subjects depicted”.


Love Letter to Hajime Sorayama – 1992

One of my favorite artists of all time- Hajime Sorayama – inspired me to take on this mechanical bird with an airbrush and colored pencils.  Another 1992 portfolio builder piece, but I still really enjoy this one.  Never really delved back into this media again, but I still have my airbrush and related gear to this day.

Air Suspended in Ice – 1992

Another 1992 portfolio builder piece- a highly detailed colored pencil piece of some air bubbles suspended in ice-  some nice technical achievement on my part, and neat to look at.

Watercolor Piece- 1992

Another “portfolio builder” piece from 1992- this was a really nice watercolor of some old sneakers- I’m not a big fan of watercolor, but I can still pick it up when needed.

Monstrous Alphabet – 1990

A great piece from 1990- done in ink with colored markers- a high school project to creat an alternate alphabet- so I did monsters, and frankly, this is a good piece and holds up well years later.  Funny aside to this- it was supposed to win a big award for something or other, and then the judges felt that the letter “J” was obscene- of course there was no intent on my part, but when older (read: perverted) people want to see things, you can’t stop them!  I think that really added to the fun of the piece that it got people upset, to me all these years later, that’s worth more than some stupid prize- I might revisit this concept sometime if the mood strikes me.


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