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Chainsaw Man and Power Commission

Here are the pencils and inks for my latest commission of Chainsaw Man and Power. I really love this show, so it was fun to do my take on this popular anime in my style.

Chainsaw Man and Power Inks
Chainsaw Man and Power Pencils

Lords of the Cosmos Sketch Cover

Did a Zemba sketch cover for a client recently, this was fun. The client asked me to do my version of the Khoi Pham variant cover that he did for Lords of the Cosmos #5, so it was a tribute cover to an existing Lords of the Cosmos cover… that will be coming soon HERE!

Teen Titans x Porky’s Sketch Covers

Did these covers at WV Pop Con, always a fun challenge to do artwork on the spot with something fun mixed in that is unique to the client. These two were R-Rated covers based on Teen Titans x Porky’s which was an interesting crossover idea.

Bluey Commission

Just another fun older pencil commission for a client.

Satanic Bowling and Variant

So I was asked to do an image for a book about the secret history of women’s bowling by an artist that I met a year ago in Oaks, PA. So I created a sexy devil bowling girl… I also created a color variant without the bowling ball! Anyway, the original inked image is in this project on Crowdfundr... which is really an odd one, it looks like it got precisely one backer, hopefully the actual book is nice when I get a few comp copies to check out.

Sketch Covers

These are some recent sketch covers I did this Summer… check them out and enjoy!

I had some fun working with colored pencils on color paper stock along with pens to create some different looks than I normally do.

Santa Muerte Memorial Candle Project

This was a cool project for a client’s friend who passed away, and creating a religious themed motif to include Santa Muerte with the deceased in the artwork.

Colored Pencil Satanic Cat Sketch Cover

A recent project on a black sketch cover… a custom Satanic Cat from Jason Lenox was the theme. Always a challenge to work with colored pencils on textured black paper!

Aileen Wournos Commission for Candle Artwork

This was a cool client commission for a small unique project for candles of famous sex workers. You can follow the client Princess Chayse for when these go on sale!

Satanic Charlie Brown Commission

This was another fun small pencil commission.

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