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Zero Charisma- Grizelda Artwork used in Film- Screen Cap from Trailer

The Trailer finally came out for “ZERO CHARISMA” and my artwork did make it into the film!  Here is the screen cap from the trailer, my work is at the 1:02 minute mark behind actor Sam Eidson’s Character in his room, tacked on the wall- Grizelda goes Hollywood, just a little bit…  Enjoy this, I certainly did!

Trailer and fundraiser is at

Pages 3 and 12 that are in the screen capture…



“Grizelda” and Jason Lenox in the News

I got a very nice write up about the “Grizelda” project as well as my Personal Art Studio in the Art Section of VOICES of State College.  As always, my doors are open for new students and new ideas!

Promo Art- – 2011

With sweat, scissors and scotch tape- I bring you my promotional card featuring some of the cool characters and creations from my private studio in 2011- Got a crazy idea?  Let me know about it, maybe we can make it reality!

Zero Charisma- Final Inks & Poster 2011

Here is the final inked art- done in one week- and Andrew’s final poster/promo art with Actor Sam Eidson in it.  The trailer and website for this movie are in my links section.  If it gets made, I get a credit in a film, so look out Hollywood.  This job turned out great, and has been a personal and professional catalyst for me as an artist- Thanks Andrew and Katie, I’ll never forget that you gave me a chance and believed in me!

Zero Charisma- The Pencil Works – 2011

So- I was struggling to do this, and then a wall broke down, and “pow” these pencils came out, and I loved them- the work speaks for itself! 

“Zero Charisma” – Movie Poster Concept 2011

Now at this point, I was still fired up- but, a samurai without direction is nothing but a masterless “Ronin”.  So in May 2011, I got an email from Indie GOGO about a fundraiser for the movie about the greatest Dungeon Master of all Time- this made me laugh and I wrote Andrew Matthews & Katie Graham (directors/producers/creators) of this film , Zero Charisma, a note asking If I could help.  And Lo and Behold he wrote back and said they very much needed some help with some pen and ink fantasy work for a fundraising packet and poster- and I would have one week to produce a poster based on a sketch idea he had.  A real client and a deadline, right up my alley, so I just had to produce- And your humble narrator did produce- so Thanks Andrew and Katie for believing in me and turning me loose.  When your film gets financed, I look forward to blowing your mind again.  Save me a seat at the premiere.

Here is the concept from Andrew-


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