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“Prehistoric Productions” Logo – Inks

Final inks for this awesome little dinosaur head shot!

Jason Lenox Tyrannosaurus Rex

“Prehistoric Productions” Logo – Pencils

A private client logo job- Always love to draw a Tyrannosaurus Rex!!

Prehistoric Productions Jason Lenox TRex


New Convention Banner


Jason Lenox Chimera Banner revised



2016 “Draw or Die” Tee Shirt Designs

Another year, Another metal themed convention tour tee shirt for Jason Lenox.  20165 is a tribute to one of my favorite metal bands, Motorhead, and I based this years play on words on my first Motorhead LP- “March or Die”.

Sadly, we have been working on this for a few months- and  Motorhead’s founder Lemmy Kilmister died while we were doing editing on this project.

R.I.P Lemmy.

I used my CHIMERA and VALKYRIE artwork for this year’s visual elements.Thanks to Andy Mylin for the layout and Collegiate Pride in State College, PA for the production and coordination!

Front Artwork

Jason Lenox 2016 Shirt Front FINAL


















Rear Artwork

Jason Lenox 2016 Shirt Back FINAL


2015 Convention Posters- Using Manga Studio 5 & GIMP

Just an update on some of the promotional material I have made for my appearances in 2015- as well as the BookFest 2015 poster which I created the artwork for- the library did their own graphic layout on it, but I felt it should be included with this list of material.

Jason Baltimore Comic Con4

WWPittsburgh 2015 Jason Lenox


WVPOP CON Low Res Flyer Jason Lenox









































Jason Lenox Poster for Awesome Con 2015


SCI FI 2015 poster final Jason Lenox


Jason Lenox Book Fest at Schlow Library 2015



Disciples of Umex – Promotional Poster

I made this vertical DISCIPLES OF UMEX poster on Manga Studio 5.  Basically a fun promotional piece for the LORDS OF THE COSMOS villains to get into the act of marketing, when they aren’t killing people!

Disciples of Umex Poster Jason Lenox



I just made these two posters of Aegeus and Umex- the principle leaders of the LORDS OF THE COSMOS and THE DISCIPLES OF UMEX.  Enjoy, I wanted to make them monochromatic and bold to get that 80’s action figure fun vibe to the final artwork!

Jason Lenox Aegeus

Jason Lenox UMEX

Setsucon 2015 Promotional Poster

I was very happy with this new digital composition poster I made on Manga Studio 5 to promote my 2015 appearance as a featured guest artist at SETSUCON!

My guest appearance just went online here.

Check it out and enjoy!


Setsucon 2015 Badge Art Contest Entry

Working on an entry for the Badge Contest at Setsucon, the Penn State Anime Expo, and my first show of the year to be at locally every year!  Rocking an old school anime theme, inspired by some of my favorite 80’s anime.  You can read about Setscuon here and the badge art contest here !   The theme for the contest is childhood memories, so I designed the show mascot girl like she was in something like Dirty Pair, Project A-Ko or Bubblegum Crisis.  I put her in the snow with a soviet soldier style winter outfit to complete the winter time theme of the January date for the event.

Below are my final inks  and pencils for this project, I hope to see you at Setsucon 2015 on January 24th and 25th at the Penn Stater Convention Center!


Final Inks for Project


Final Inks Jason Lenox Setsucon Badge Entry















Pencils for Project


Jason Lenox Setsucon 2015 Badge Entry Pencils

2014 Convention Posters- Using Manga Studio 5 & GIMP

So without much fanfare, I have been learning how to use Manga Studios 5  and GIMP to create show posters for my comic conventions.  I have to give Brian Allen credit for pushing me to learn more than I was used to.  Brian held my hand on the Setsucon poster, and then just turned me loose, and I’ve been learning and experimenting for a few hours per week all year since January.  Using my existing artwork, and then adding backgrounds, effects and text has been a great way to explore a more “graphic arts” angle to my work.  I have been trying to keep each one unique and fun at the same time.  Here are my current posters, oldest at the bottom, newest at the top…

Jason Lenox Pittsburgh Comic Con 2014

Jason Lenox Baltimore Comic Con 2014 Poster

Jason Lenox WVPop Con Poster small

Jason Lenox Scranton Comic Con 2014

Jason Lenox SCI FI Poster 2014

Jason Lenox WW Philly Poster with Table Number

Attack on Titan Jason Lenox Small File

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