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Fantasy Artwork Elf and Warforged – Inks

Some fine pen and ink work really brought out the old school RPG look on this artwork!

Jason Lenox Elf and Warforged

Vampire Lich King – Final Inks

I think the inks just killed it here with the large black negative spaces contrasted against the white energy coming out of the eyesockets.  The skull texture and hair parallel contoured lines really sell the viewer on the image as having weight and depth- this turned out so old school Dungeons and Dragons, I’m ready to roll that D20 now!


Vampire Lich King Jason Lenox

Vampire Lich King – Pencils

This is a small one shot illustration I’m making for my friend by Mark Taormino’s new Role Playing Game module  “The Hanging Coffins of the Vampire Queen”.  It’s a retro “old school” first edition D&D style book he did on Kickstarter, which you can see here .

The project was one character “Vampire Lich King”- so I made a list of elements to put together on this

1- An old testament style bible crown (the kind of stuff I recall from Sunday School when I was awake)

2- A modified/exaggerated skull with vampire fangs hiding in plain sight,

3- Glowing eyes set back in the eye sockets

4- An uptight outfit

5- Long wispy hair to show that the Lich was alive at one time

The inks will use the eyes as the “light” part of the composition and the rest of the artwork will play off a dark palette hidden in shadow.  For now even in pencil this really screams “Old School D&D” to me.  So I hope it helps out Mark’s book, which is a fun project to have an illustration like this in, and that his fans enjoy my contribution!


Vampire Lich Jason Lenox Pencils

Final Pages from “BEYOND THE PIT 2” From Arion Games

Just wanted to share some of the new pages with my art from the ADVANCED FIGHTING FANTASY creature Source Book- BEYOND THE PIT 2

First review of the product here

And the Kickstarter for the project was here

Enjoy, and Ill have these books for sale with me at shows Starting in March of 2014.


Jason Lenox Beyond the Pit Page

Advanced Fighting Fantasy- BEYOND THE PIT 2 Creature Artwork Part 3

Here are the final three creatures I’m doing for Arion Games Advanced Fighting Fantasy System Monster Sourcebook Beyond the Pit 2.

A totally fun project with some cool evil monsters!.

Here is Vitriol Essence, Vlodblad and the Weevil Man






Advanced Fighting Fantasy- BEYOND THE PIT 2 Creature Artwork Part 2

Here are four more creatures I’m doing for Arion Games Advanced Fighting Fantasy System Monster Sourcebook Beyond the Pit 2.

Without any more fanfare….

Here is Prowler, Quartz Golem, Arctolyce , and the Snuffer Hound




Advanced Fighting Fantasy- BEYOND THE PIT 2 Creature Artwork

Here are four creatures I’m doing for Arion Games Advanced Fighting Fantasy System which is an offshoot of another childhoold favorite of mine- the Fighting Fantasy Gamebook Series from Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson.  I loved this series of books as a kid in the early 80’s and it introduced me to Russ Nicholson’s amazing style of Pen and Ink which inspires me everytime I put ink to board!  I still enjoy paging through these books today, and I hope my son can enjoy them in a few years when he can read, and roll some dice!

Im doing some fill in art for some of the old art that they were not able to get the reprint rights to, so it’s amazing to get my creature artwork into a book with some of the classic FF art that Russ did back in the 80’s. I love doing this old Fiend Folio style art, so it’s been a treat to visit these monsters!

Arion Games is doing a kickstarter here for the Creature Manual these pieces are for, the book is called BEYOND THE PIT 2

So if you want to read more about the Fighting Fantasy books here and I also enjoy reading a  Fighting Fantasy Blog – great guys, and lots of fun catching up with them reviewing the books as they re-read them in 2013. You can read that blog here.

Without any more fanfare….

Here is Blood Lurcher,  Angaroc , Bakk-Ruman,  and the Chrabat







Bleeding Hollow RPG – Metal Mini from Jirak Thoole Artwork

I just got this progress update regarding the artwork I did for TPK games for the Jirak Thoole Metal Miniature- while not PERFECT, it is pretty damn cool to see a metal sculpture of some of my artwork- here is an overlay of the artwork from 2012 with the metal mini.  Also included is a photo of both of the minis they made for the project, the human form was based on another artist’s work for the cover of the Module.























Zero Charisma- Grizelda Artwork used in Film- Screen Cap from Trailer

The Trailer finally came out for “ZERO CHARISMA” and my artwork did make it into the film!  Here is the screen cap from the trailer, my work is at the 1:02 minute mark behind actor Sam Eidson’s Character in his room, tacked on the wall- Grizelda goes Hollywood, just a little bit…  Enjoy this, I certainly did!

Trailer and fundraiser is at

Pages 3 and 12 that are in the screen capture…



30 Years Later….

30 Years ago, an 8 year old Jason Lenox in 1983 started making a “Dungeons and Dragons” Fiend Folio Book because his Mom and Dad wouldnt buy him one due to the objectionable content for a child.  In 2013 a much older (30 years) Jason Lenox is going to finish the job he started 30 years ago.  Here is a preview of some of this unseen in forever artwork I snagged out of my attic last December!

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