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INDIGLOW- Black Light Contest Painting

This is my finalist entry into the “INDIGLOW” black light art contest sponsored by RED BULL at the Nightclub INDIGO in State College, PA.  The theme was to use a 4×4 gator board and take artwork that we entered on facebook in the preliminary round and make it a “black light” poster.  I entered page 4 of the GREAT VERMIN short story.  This was difficult since I dont paint normally, I dont like large surfaces to work on, and fluorescent paint is almost impossible to work with.  While difficult, I was pleased with the final result- win or lose!  So here are some progress pictures I took of the project from start to finish.    If you want to come out and support me- the final event and party will be at INDIGO Nightclub located 112 West College Avenue, State College, Pennsylvania on April 4th at 9pm.  To vote for my entry, you need to use RED BULL can tabs.  Hope to see you there!

New Colored One Sheet Promo – “The Great Vermin”


Thanks to David Paul and Gary T. Becks for bringing the promotional one sheet I did for “The Great Vermin” to life with some sweet coloring, and custom lettering.


UGLI Studios print advertisement- 2011

Very cool one page print advertisement done by my letterer and partner in crime- David Paul.  Apparently he is getting this in some new publication free of charge to get us some publicity and work.  Nice mix of images from “Grizelda” and “Vermin”.  David’s logo for UGLI is also very cool, in my humble opinion!

Promo Art- – 2011

With sweat, scissors and scotch tape- I bring you my promotional card featuring some of the cool characters and creations from my private studio in 2011- Got a crazy idea?  Let me know about it, maybe we can make it reality!

“The Great Vermin”- Return to Comics – 2011; Promo Art

David Paul and I made this sweet promo art for when we can promote the hell out of our first little comic- I love this straight on view of our hero, and first character- VEER!

“The Great Vermin”- Return to Comics – 2011; Page 5


“The Great Vermin”- Return to Comics – 2011; Page 4


“The Great Vermin”- Return to Comics – 2011; Page 3

Guns, Flame Thowers and Violence- THE GREAT VERMIN!!

“The Great Vermin”- Return to Comics – 2011; Page 2

More GREAT VERMIN goodness!

“The Great Vermin”- Return to Comics – 2011; Page 1

Not having touched sequential art since 1992’s “Captain Anarchy”, the next monkey to get off my back was to do a comic, and get it published.  As of now, this hasn’t happened YET, but thanks to my creative muse- David Paul.  I think we have a long future of making great comics together.  After talking to dozens of people to work with, I found David on the old Heavy Metal online message board (now closed!) and we somehow found a way to work together, and decided to brand ourselves as UGLI STUDIOS and make comics for our favorite mag- Heavy Metal.  I wont include the awesome lettered and colored pages by David (script and lettering) and Dani Kaulakis (Digital color goddess) until we have a shot to get them in front of some publishers but I think “THE GREAT VERMIN” is on fire- and is a great setting for future adventures.  And I love the main character “Veer”- and his hands do look great!  Check out Dani, David and UGLI’s links on my friend list!

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