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“Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter”- Full Color Pinup

Some awesome colors from Dani Kaulakis on my Ink Work for this upcoming Trade Paperback for Viper Comics!

Ichabod Jones : Monster Hunter – Pinup, Final Inks

This is the final inked version of the “Ichabod Jones:Monster Hunter” Pinup for Viper Comics and Author Russell Nohelty.  Really thought the Monster’s hand and forearm brought out the creepy element, also the flabby/decomposing left tricep as well really had a nice grotesque skin quality to it.

Ichabod Jones : Monster Hunter – Pinup, Pencil Layout

I’m working on this pinup right now for uber cool writer Russell Nohelty and his current project Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter from Viper Comics.  “Ichabod” has been getting great reviews from Aint it Cool News , Word of the Nerd, Fellowship of the Geeks,  One Geek Nation as well as My Comic Network.  I’m really excited to be a small part of this project and to support the project as a pinup artist as it hits the Comic Con circuit this year in Trade Paperback.  Could it be that this humble artist will have a piece at the San Diego Comic Con in 2012?

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