2023 Tee Shirt- Diary of a Mad Artist

My 2023 “Diary of a Mad Artist” Tee Shirt is now available for sale on Etsy by clicking HERE !

This is my 10th year making an annual tee shirt, and I always enjoy taking a band that I am a fan of and doing a riff on an album title with my artwork. This year I went with using the 1981 Ozzy Osbourne album “Diary of a Madman” as the basis for “Diary of a Mad Artist” with a nod to the classic 1981 Ozzy logo and bright color scheme.

Satanic Raven

Another image from my Satanic Coloring Book Stretch Goal Set.

Satanic Ren and Stimpy Fan Art

Another fun piece from 2022.


The final hand inked version of this client custom commission for Baltimore Comic Con. I added in a basic sci-fi background to fill the image out completely.

Winged Man with Scimitar Commission – Pencils

This is a client commission I did for Baltimore Comic Con 2022

Sparkle Dog Commission

This was a small custom project I did for a client for a Kickstarter

Satanic SpongeBob SquarePants Fan Art

And another little silly fan art piece…

Satanic Pikachu Fan Art

Just another fun fan art piece.

Lion Man with AK-47 Commission

This was an older commission I just got around to posting after a year (embarrassing right?) anyway, the client asked for a man with an AK-47, leather jacket and Lion head… here you go.

Satanic Sow and Piglets

Another one of the additional pages from The Satanic Coloring Book project.

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