Well the heroes of LORDS OF THE COSMOS have to get around, so I was inspired by the US Marines OSPREY and the Air Force’s C-17 Transport to make this VTOL transport vehicle for the good guys to get around on Planet Aiden with as they battle the Disciples of Umex- there will be characters in front of this, but I really loved the vehicle design.


I drew inspiration from the 1984 film “Dune” for style. The classic Battletech Technical Readout¬†manuals from FASA that I had as a kid in the 1980’s which had some great 2 pt perspective line art of robots and various vehicles gave me a direction for a final look on the page. ¬†Clean and simple, and I really loved the final image, it was fun to draw a some planes for a change!

Jason Lenox Lords of the Cosmos VTOL transport