As we wind down the character designs- The LORDS OF THE COSMOS get another female character AMAZONICA, and her Dino Steed, as well as the Cyborg Samurai (as yet, no name chosen!)

The composition on this was simple, yet effective, and I really feel that I am hitting a stride on drawing accurate and attractive women, so I was really pleased with how AMAZONICA turned out.  Full disclosure she was inspired by the old 1980 Flash Gordon Filmation “Princess Aura” character who I loved as a young lad!  You can see a production still from that show here to see what I was getting inspiration from. Does the tiara on Amazonica’s head look similar?

Anyway- This art really sums up what I like in a nutshell… “Girls, Monsters, Robots” … so It was a pleasure to put pencil to paper for this particular page. Below are the final pencils and my Samurai artwork segregated on tracing paper.


Final Pencils


Lords of the Cosmos Pinup Amazonica Jason Lenox - edit

























Samurai layout on tracing paper


Lords of the Cosmos Samurai Jason Lenox