The matching bookend page of the main villain, Umex the Defiler in a solo appearance to signify his importance to the story and his place as a leader of the forces of Evil in the world of Aiden.   You can see the main hero, Aegeus, in his solo page here.

While Aegeus was straight up and down and stoic- symbolic of his straight forward approach to law and order- Umex is on an angle, and is moving, the slanted angle (dutching or the “dutch angle” read about that visual concept here) hints at his twisted nature.  Small details of note- nuclear fallout ash is in the air, and an ominous dual black tower on a 3 pt. perspective dominates the background with a bridge going to a single door that connects the evil looking structures.

Other challenges were to show another angle (right side v. left side) with Umex, which is important to me as a creator to not repeat poses (unless I have to!) and to make a scary and dynamic composition for this character in his spotlight page.  On a technical note- getting all of Umex’s odd shapes and body armor correct on the angle he is standing at was difficult- you can see many of my erased lines as I struggled at times with the anatomy, proportions and perspective.

Below are the final pencils, in process pencils and a small poster I made with the artwork as a promo piece on Manga Studio 5.

Enjoy the leader of the DISCIPLES OF UMEX!

Jason Lenox Umex Lords of the Cosmos
























Promo Poster of Umex

Jason Lenox LORDS OF THE COSMOS Umex Poster
























In Progress Sketch of Umex

Jason Lenox Lords of the Cosmos Umex