Here is the final inked piece for the Master inside his Dark Tardis.

As a complete 180 from the Sontaran piece I did previously to this, I did use the diametrially opposed inking style of chiaroscuro to use extreme darks and lights to bring out the elements of the artwork.  I also inked this in mind for coloring, which I envision to be sort of a dark (evil!!) area lit with red and orange lighting sources.  This is why on the Master’s jacket I have a hard line of shadow next to a white area on his surfaces, as well as the “back lit” style of inking for the Dark Tardis control area.

Of particular note is the cross hatching and contouring to bring out the center of the piece- the rotted flesh and decaying cloak of the “Deadly Assassin” in the middle- I really tried to bring out something different here to the original photo reference, and I think I captured that rotted look in the skin and fabric with the mixed inking techniques, I’ll have to keep them in my bag of tricks for the future!

Overall, I felt the inks really brought the MASTER, Autons, Deadly Assasin and Axons to full evil life together with Roger Delgado.  Hopefully the fans enjoy it to!