Page 16 leads us to the third and final act of “The Painted Ladies of San Quentin”.  An explosive re-introduction to the Sheriff and Jessica Belmont who we last saw in flashback form on page 5.  Now this page establishes how violent they are, last time their “evil acts” were shown as an aftermath- three women burning- discussion of them burning the whore house- now I wanted to show them literally cutting a hole through El Alacran by shooting him in the back, and we see it as a POV shot.  As my good friend Brian Berg said about this project this week….

Quentin Tarantino will be envious of the bloodshed”

… Indeed, we can only hope so!

And on the artistic notes from the pencilled page to the inked page- not much changed on page 16.  Of note is the highly stylized old time look of the gore, I’ve found with this particular inking style my inks make blood and guys look like an old medical drawing– which is a fun way to make a hold in a man’s gut look- so enjoy this piece as we race towards our bloody showdown and conclusion over the next 6 pages!