Page 16 finds Jessica Belmont and the Sheriff coming back to clean up the loose threads of their killers failing to eliminate Elijah Holman- El Alacran’s shot is halted just shy of killing Elijah by a shotgun blast through his mid-section.  Jessica watches her man kill this loose end (they dont have to pay him now, or deal with him!) then they walk over the bodies to confront Elijah for the final showdown!

Technically I wanted to mix up the angles and went for some extreme and odd angles- gun through the body hole to background, and feet over body.  Jessica of course lifts her skirt- gotta be a lady even in cold blooded murder of shooting a man in the back! I think it works while keeping hte page layout, panels and camera angles changing and not duplicating. I liked Jessica’s small facial expression in panel 2- she has a neat snarky/evil look every time I’ve drawn her.  And I had alot of fun drawing the hole through our Mexi-Bandit leader’s body, and extreme shot for some extreme characters.