Aftermath- 4 dead- 2 injured… and the man known as El Alacran shoots the Chinaman in the back, killing him… and prepares to elimnate Elijah Holman who is out of bullets and not able to walk well after getting shot in the leg….. Amping it up for the big final 6 pages….

One of the big things PLOSQ has taught me is reminding the reader of space, and the first panel of this page is all about the space they have been fighting in the bodies are laid out in the phyical locations I defined the kills from 13-14 in, and Ive been trying to keep the light sources to the building to the characters motion location and interactions straight in my mind, to the paper so it all makes sense from a physical aspect of “who is where when and how does it interact with the others and how can we properly show this relationship(s) etc.”

Overall, I think Ive achieved a fair sense of consistency with this project in that regard.  And I love the last two panels- El Alacran is a bad man, symbolically by shooting an honorable fighter in the back, we tell the reader just exactly how bad of a man he is, so that is also a success on this page as well thematically.

And the smoking gunman with his hat slid up the sword his head was impaled on was just classic detail to add into the background!