Sadly- I stopped drawing from about 2001- until about December 2008, we can just call it 2009 for all intents and purposes.  I became my own version of Jimmy Chitwood (kid from Hoosiers who stops playing basketball until the Coach inspires him to play again) and left my talents and potential on the bench to rot.  All of my posts will have art on this website, except this one, which has been left blank on purpose to show a symbolic work blackout. This “work free” space is a shout out to the three people that kept on pushing me to keep working, and believed in me, even when I failed to believe in myself.

1- Crystal Lenox (My Wife)

2- Rebecca Emmons (My Rock Star Sister In Law)

3- Ken Brown (My Personal Tech Guy, and #1 Cheerleader when everyone else stopped talking about it)

Without the three of them, I would have probably never started back up again.  And as this online portfolio will attest, back with a vengeance and fury not felt in many, many years from when I was a cocky pup in High School doing this sort of thing.  So while you may have gotten a kick out of the old back log stuff I put to catalog my full portfolio highlights since high school- I think the new stuff (2009-forward) will kick your ass, and there are more great people that have joined the band-wagon after the Hiatus, and they will be called out in the appropriate entries with the artwork they had a hand in.

And as my good friend Rick Hambright said to me the other day

“We’ve all been waiting for you to start doing kick ass work again, why did it take so long?”

Why indeed?

….Better late than never….

…Enjoy the Show-!

Jason Lenox