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2015 “Vulgar Display of Artwork” Tee Shirt Designs

Another year, Another metal themed convention tour tee shirt for Jason Lenox.  2015 is a tribute to one of my favorite metal bands,Pantera, and their metal albums. Elements from their LP’s “Cowboys from Hell” (title below name and font), “Vulgar Display of Power” (Play on name, and font) and “Great Southern Trendkill” (Snakes and font) all played into the final product.


I used my SKULL KING and GORGON MEDUSA artwork to fill out the images needed for front and back.

Thanks to Andy Mylin for the layout and Collegiate Pride in State College, PA for the production and coordination!


Front Artwork


Jason Lenox Vulgar Display of Artwork (2)






















Jason Lenox front3






















Back artwork



Jason Lenox Vulgar Display of Artwork







Jason Lenox back3



“HELLBENT FOR INKING” 2014 Jason Lenox Convention Tour Tee Shirt Artwork

2014 means some awesome conventions that I’ll be at, and since I identify as the “Metal Artist” on the con circuit, just like last year, I needed a metal themed tour shirt for the fans, and this year is no different- and super local graphic artist Andy Mylin took my wishes to make a JUDAS PRIEST Themed Jason Lenox shirt into reality with some of my recent artwork.  Here is the new Shirt Artwork that will be for Sale as tee shirts starting in January of 2014 via my website or with me at comic shows at my table/booth. Below are the Front and Back artwork for my 2014 theme “HELLBENT FOR INKING” and the art from Priest’s album “HELLBENT FOR LEATHER” that Andy used as a template is below all of that.

Check out Andy’s website here and contact him if you need some great graphic design and artwork in general if you dig his style- I know I do!

Enjoy some killer tee shirts in a few weeks from yours truly!


Jason Lenox Judas Priest Theme Tee Front


















Jason Lenox Judas Priest Theme Tee Back

















Original Judas Priest Album Cover Artwork


Vandalettes of Vero Beach- Punk Roller Tee Shirts

Some of the Shirt Logos I did for the Vandalettes of Vero Beach– in 2011 in some of their new press photos in 2013- thanks Brandy and Kelly, the shirts looks outstanding!  The 2011 artwork is below the two photos…


Lunachicks 2010

 My Sister in Law, Rebecca, asked me to make a logo for my niece’s 8 and under soccer team “The Luna Chicks”- because they are crazy girls who are 8- but you get it.  Anyway, Rebecca told me I was a great artist and the kids would love it- well I made this and it was too intense for the kids- and they didnt use it.  But it was nice to have people asking for work again, and I thought it was a cool logo- even for 8 year old girls.

Keystone Logo 2002- Lambda Chi Alpha Logo

The last item I really got into before my Hiatus- this was a sharp and clean logo for the fratenity’s 20th anniversary in 2002.  We used it all over the place- and it is a great logo to this day in my humble opinion.







Lion Holding Rose 2001- Lambda Chi Alpha Logo

Another nice Tee Shirt logo from before my hiatus- classic and sharp.

Bill Clinton- 1998 Lambda Chi Alpha Artwork

More great MAD Magazine style parody artwork for my Fraternity- basically a parody of all things that caught my attention in 1998.

Duffer’s Delight- 1997 Lambda Chi Alpha Artwork

Another MAD Magazine style collection for a Fraternity Tee Shirt- more pop culture and news items that caught my attention in late 1997.  Some great stuff hidden around in here.



O.J. Simpson- 1997 Lambda Chi Alpha Artwork

Classic Tee Shirt Art from 1997 – Some great detail and caricature style art, very much like some of the classic MAD! Magazines I enjoyed as a kid.  Bascially it is a collage of things that caught my attention in 1997.

Derek Riggs Tribute- 1995 Lambda Chi Alpha Artwork

A great tee shirt art from me- via Derek Riggs of Iron Maiden Fame- more of a tribute type art than anything else- this is an iconic image to me, and at the time, a real challenge to pull this off.

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