Another showcase pinup of the Heroes from the Lords of the Cosmos Team!

Tiedemies the Scientist, The Mighty Man-Tank, & Tenta-Kill the Blackwater Butcher in action on the Planet Aiden!

Notes on this page- I really went for reference on the cloak for Tiedmeies to get the folds as close to accurate as I could make them.  I also used a photo of an old person to get some of the facial wrinkles looking lifelike.

Tenta-Kill was like Belchor, simple and easy to come up with- no idea why, but his entire character came to me in a flash and it looked great.  Basically a “Fightin’ Robo Squid”

Man-Tank- wow.  He has been a main character in my mind’s eye for months, but getting his scale and bulk down correctly has been hard- I had him in a prior pinup (Mechaspring’s page) and then closed him out, I couldn’t get it together.  But using tons of tank reference, and a ruler to keep my lines and proportions correct, I pulled him together- and realized that just like the two headed guy from the last “Disciples of Umex” page- this was in the Transformers art camp again.  Man Tank was hard to do, but I am very happy with his final product- a defensive unit that shoots nets, ropes and has defensive shield generators that is part man, part tank.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it!

Jason Lenox Lords of the Cosmos Team Pinup 5