Here is the final inked version of this pinup- the biggest insight I can give is there was an old fake leather product my Grandmother had on a purse that I didn’t care for- it looked and felt weird- so I tried to mimic that on the Hydra’s heads for an otherworldly texture that also offset the  lifeless eyes.  I also gave Barron’s skull head a tweak to make it more 3 dimensional- it seemed off in the pencils with the head more a straight profile and the jaw on an angle- so I balanced it out.  His right hand was altered as well in the inking phase to make it more realistic as well as creepy, It seemed to go from a weak element in the pencils to a strong one in the ink phase.  Enjoy – and check out Joe’s book here– it got funded at over 100%

Really pleased and proud of how this turned out, and another Lenox Dragon is always a good thing to see…. Enjoy!

Jason Lenox -Barron and Hydra Pinup for UGLI STUDIOS web