Well my fifth and final Dr. Who piece really turned out well in the final pen and ink version.  Once I realized that the Black would be dominant on Davros’s person and life support machine, and the outer space background would be pure black and made a tactical decision to use Black as the dominant color for the nuke and Dalek killing Movellan POV.  The center Dalek in full black with a “nuke flash” in the background was a fun way to do a Dalek differently, and the Movellan really pops with the black outlining the Dalek eye stalk and gun framing the beam cutting the figure.  On a smaller note the pen and inks also really made the little details like the wires and screen partitions look really stylish as well. Overall, this piece worked for me, and was a great send off to my 5 piece Dr. Who series.

Davros directs the Davros and Movellan War Lenox Small