As we hit the home stretch of completing my “Painted Ladies of San Quentin” project, and with it, my second anthology book- “UGLI Studios Presents #2” with Brian Allen, and Joe Freistuhler, this completed wrap around colored cover just came in from Brian, who did an amazing job.

First of all, Im lucky to know this guy for two big reasons.

#1- As a fan of his art, I’m blessed to have him work his magic on my pen and inks- this piece has been waiting for color for almost a year now, and he knocked it out of the park with the antiqued look I asked him to achieve. 

#2- Brian is a great friend and it has been great working with him on this anthology comic, while I’m excited to see it wrap up, I’ll miss the experience. I’ve learned alot from Brian about everything from the business of art, to the highs and lows of the convention world and lots of small tech tips from pens to networking.  For all of that- I am eternally grateful as well!

So check out my pencils, inks and the final colors Brian Allen added on the wrap around cover part of this upcoming comic from UGLI STUDIOS!

And hit up Brian on facebook here and see what other wild stuff he is up to!