Elijah is out of options, and a reveal- he was once the town preacher, a man of god, before he became a gunslinger… and the Sheriff flashes back to this with a spark of conscience.  Of course Jessica Belmont doesnt care and the Sheriff’s new guilt wont stop her from killing the one person in her way of exposing what she did to the Painted Ladies of San Quentin! Will Elijah survive? Technically, I love the middle flashback to Elijash as a preacher and the drama in the bottom panel- with Jessica’s look and the over the shoulder look- I need to fix the top panel, not really happy with the background and Elijah, I love the Sheriff and Jessica in that panel.  Big thanks to figure drawing class from the last few months- the bottom panel is all thanks to those hours of work!

NOTE #1- I redid the top panel totally- since I really didnt like it- and super pal and artist Jeff Lavezoli called me out on it- I love it now, added an inset panel dropping the gun to add some impact to Elijah losing his weapon –changed every element. Comments?  Compare and contrast the new top panels!

 NOTE #2- I redid the bottom panel as well- overlapped elements and made Elijah more dynamic and less stiff- thanks Jeff Lavezoli for  calling me out on this- anyone notice today’s theme- Jeff forces Jason to make better work- thanks Jeff-!!  Compare and Contrast the new and old bottom panel.

Overall – this is now an incredibly dynamic and strong page, it’s amazing what constructive criticism and good coaching can do for your work when you listen!