The gig is almost up as the Injun rushes Elijah Holman- with a meat cleaver only a few feet from chopping our protagonist apart at the seams, and his 1850’s single action revolvers can’t lock on to this one man killing machine with time and bullets running out, and just as it is all coming to an end for our hero… The Injun loses his head and  left hand, and an unlikely ally appears, The Chinaman- Xi Chou Long.  Realizing that he’s been set up to die in a double cross, and his enemy was an honorable one, he decides to save Elijah’s life and team  up to fight for their lives.

Now, I did diverge from David’s script here, but as I have been doing the work on the pages, this made more sense than Chinaman just fighting Elijah with the Banditos.  Of course, that’s my .02 cents on the story at this point… The readers will tell us if it works when it’s all done! 

From an art point of view- I loved these three panels, lots of action, movement and emotion, and lets get down to it, a really cool decapitation!