I was lucky enough to impress the Editors of our local paper in State College- the CENTRE DAILY TIMES in January at Setsucon when I met photographer Abby Drey (click on her name to go to her blog about our photo session). This  meeting led to a Feature Article in the 3/3/2013 Sunday CDT.  The reporter- Chris Rosenblum- really did a great job capturing my story in his feature piece “TWO WORLDS”.  So please enjoy reading about my personal journey from hothead kid, to a long hiatus to getting back at it 110% as the pen and ink wizard you know and love if you read my site!  Im hoping this leads to even more opportunities for my art in the future- some great stuff in here for Elaine Renna, Joseph Freistuhler and Ken Feduniwicz, and some great hype for Painted Ladies of San Quentin and USP #2 ! 

And as an extra bonus, there is a video of me here on the CDT site.