Not having touched sequential art since 1992’s “Captain Anarchy”, the next monkey to get off my back was to do a comic, and get it published.  As of now, this hasn’t happened YET, but thanks to my creative muse- David Paul.  I think we have a long future of making great comics together.  After talking to dozens of people to work with, I found David on the old Heavy Metal online message board (now closed!) and we somehow found a way to work together, and decided to brand ourselves as UGLI STUDIOS and make comics for our favorite mag- Heavy Metal.  I wont include the awesome lettered and colored pages by David (script and lettering) and Dani Kaulakis (Digital color goddess) until we have a shot to get them in front of some publishers but I think “THE GREAT VERMIN” is on fire- and is a great setting for future adventures.  And I love the main character “Veer”- and his hands do look great!  Check out Dani, David and UGLI’s links on my friend list!