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SONTARAN Field Marshal Pinup – Pencils

“The Sontarans are the finest soldiers in the galaxy.” Dr. Who-The Sontaran Stratagem”

The second of my Dr. Who Villains Pinup series- I go back to the less popular, but still very cool villains- the clone soldiers- the SONTARANS.  Another legendary villain that was never rendered very epic on the small screen- millions of cloned troops but we normally never saw more than a few of them at once- and they never got to interact with the other main villains… you get the drift- another cool design, sorely underused and never reached it’s full potential… sabotaged by the cheap BBC production values.

My goal was to show the inside of one of the sphere shaped “capsule” ships with a major officer (Field Marshal) overseeing his wars against the Daleks and Cybermen.  The back story I made up was the Field Marshal has pitted  his enemies against each other.  The viewscreens show Dalek Soldiers running over Cybermen and a Cyber Controller on the main screen to build the atmosphere.  Simultaneously the other monitors show Sontaran Capsule ships and ground troops, as well as the TARDIS getting a small cameo- the Doctor, working against all odds to stop the nefarious alien plot.  I loved seeing complex images like this as a kid, and trying to piece a story together out of it.  I left enough hints and pieces for a young fan to cobble a tale out of this image while using their own imagination, sort of a fanboy “pay it forward”.

I wanted to go in a different direction from my Dalek War shot of damaged ground troops in action at a planet surface level to an “Eye in the Sky” of the overseeing officer with lots of cameos and a claustrophobic interior ship view. Inpiration for this came (esp the two foot pedals!) when I also saw a 2 second cameo of in the Dr. Who Anime that inspired this whole project here at the 10:37 mark I wanted to see this more fleshed out.  After I laid this out, I found the shot of the semi interior of a Sontaran ship with a bunch of screens (included below in my source materials) – I guess someone had the same idea I had, which made me laugh a bit… but I think I fleshed it out a great deal more- and gave the interior of the ship and the Sontaran Field Marshal a really sweet layout and environment to have inside the really generic ship they use! 

My first thumbnail was a generic “front facing” image, which I then turned in the rough pencils to a more dynamic and fun perspective which I fleshed out in the final pencils.

Anyway- enjoy this Sontaran Field Marshal in action, and look for some sweet inks on these pencils soon!


 Rough pencil concepts





























Source Materials

DALEK Ground Attack! Pinup – Inks

So the ink is dry on the epic DALEK ground war fan art pinup, and whoa, are these guys a pain in the ass to draw- you wouldnt think so, but embedded spheres, angled cones and the guts of the mechanics inside the blown up Dalek – deceptively hard.  The work speaks for itself, and on a tech side, a real showcase of line value and weight- I was really happy with the planet in the background, and the Dalek in the foreground, it really gave depth with the small and thick lines.  Just tickled with what I pulled off in the whole composition, and a really original piece of work with a rather cool, but historically stale visual (does anyone do cool art with these guys besides Robert Hack?) subject.  Deadly salt shakers indeed- well now I’m off to the Sontaran Fleet- anyone want to join me?

DALEK Ground Attack! Pinup – Pencils

So here I am done with the latest comic and…. a left turn on the horizon.

A new foray into “fan art” for a bit- I wanted to get some more appealing mainstream prints for people to buy from me at cons, and to get some additional attention to my work.  So in the words of my fellow artist Mikey Wood, “Sell out a bit!”- so here I am, selling out for fandom. Don’t worry, I’ll survive, with a few more bucks in my pocket to boot, and much more killer portfolio and better prints to sell at shows!

So where to start?

A rarely seen topic at cons and fandom in general- DR. WHO VILLAINS… and first off-The DALEKS!!  Despite the popularity of the show in the last 5 years, I really dont see the awesome villains from this show getting any really great artwork out there (ok ok, Bob Hack rules… but who else?)

Engaged in combat on a foreign world, battle damaged and fighting for the EXTERMINATION of all enemies of the DALEK EMPIRE the DALEK Army fights on to VICTORY!

Lest you think my new love for the Daleks and Dr. Who is not true, I give you this bit of time travel….

At bottom is my old school 12 year old Dalek art from 1987- whoa flashbacks!  And who says a child cant love fascist cyborgs?  Sadly, I bet the folks at conventions would buy this artwork, but that’s another rant for another day!

So back to the artwork at hand.

The middle piece is my 2013 thumbnail and then my final 2013 pencils, for the project… I really pleased with this whole layout and composition, but I must say drawing these guys is WAY harder than you think- those little balls on the skirt- what a freaking PAIN!!  But it looks how I wanted it to turn out!  Really looking forward to the inks on this one!  The theme for this was the Daleks in a “Saving Private Ryan” style attack, lets see these robotic mutant cyborgs actually in a battle for once!

Having not watched the show since the 80’s- Ive been catching up on the Daleks in their post 2005 re-launch, and needless to say, Im not pleased with their insane power up from the classic Pertwee/Baker episodes. In my humble opinion, the …super-powered/ forcefield/ taking on 5 million Cybermen with 4 Daleks is just silly. These guys are small armored tanks, but with an RPG, the right laser, Movellan Bomb or an anti-tank mine, you should be able to take one out- right?


I did find an amazing video here of an anime Dr. Who, it is the best Who Ive ever seen on screen, and it got me really inspired for this piece and a whole line of pinups of my favorite Dr. Who Villians!

Since all of the Dalek art I see online and at shows is not action oriented, and you rarely see a damaged Dalek, Im peeling it back to show one on the front lines, destroyed, even the little Dalek mutant inside is trying to get out from the wreckage- would the other Daleks save it? I found some awesome FASA Rpg tech specs from 1985 online (yeah I used to have that stuff back when I watched the show on PBS) on the inner mechanics of the Daleks to flesh it out, and added a Dalek Drone, Dalek on their floating platform, and a Heavy Weapon Dalek to fill out the image. Enjoy, Ill be working on this at Baltimore Comic Con 9/7-9/8 at table A-196 (hint hint!), so stop in and say “Hello”!! Jelly Babies are welcome.
























2013 Thumbnail of new Dalek artwork






















My 1987 Dalek arwork….


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