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Dead Animal Assembly Plant Pencils Bottom

Kill Bill – Go Go Yubari Pencils

A fan art client commission from one of my favorite films of the 2000’s, Kill Bill Vol. 1.

Client Portrait Commission

Catching up with my loose ends, this was a Kickstarter backer’s reward from 2018, we finally connected on what he wanted after months of discussion!

Swamp Thing Pencil Commission

Virgil Abloh Album Cover Project

I was honored to be part of making my friend Virgil Abloh’s latest album cover over 2018-2019. This pushed me out of my comfort zone to do my first foray into the recording industry, and at the same time giving Virgil the creative control and work to bring his vision to life. It’s always a fun challenge to understand and create what someone else has in mind, and even more exciting when you can find it and put it on paper.

This is a walk through the project with final album, colored artwork, hand inks, and pencils… Some of the elements were hand drawn in separate pages for scale and then dropped in digitally to help the editing process.

Finally- here is the link to check it out from TURBO RECORDINGS, get your copy today!

The final product
The artwork ..colors by Dani Kaulakis.
Inked Composite
Hand Inked Background … India Ink on Board
Adam and Eve Inked Element
Tree Element
Spider Element
Composite Pencils
Pencil background
Me being a big dork holding the final LP!

Lady Vi Commission “Church of the Satanatrix”

So this ended up being 22″ wide and 51″ high… it capped a 3+ year arc of Satanic artwork. My largest and most different stained glass and a full client commission with Lady Vi of Seattle taking center stage in this after she found my other work online. You can find Lady Vi here at her website!

Some scale photos of the artwork as well to put it into perspective

Jason at the Church of the Satanatrix
The Church of the Satanatrix is now in session! 22″x51″

And of course her social media tags…
 #SeattleDominatrix#SeattleDomina #SeattleMistress #LadyVi#Succubus #FemaleSupremacy #Satanatrix#Satanist #Sinner #Satan #Mistress#Dominatrix #Domina #PinUp #Tattooed#FetishModel #YesMistress ‪#EatPreySin

Lady Vi Commission Closeup

Lady Vi Commission 6 of 6

Lady Vi Commission 5 of 6

Lady Vi Commission 4 of 6

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