I am hard at work getting my next comic book ready to publish on Kickstarter. An important part of that process is getting as many of you signed up to get a notification when it goes live so you can back the comic book on day one! Simply click HERE or on the project graphic or the page samples below to put your name on the list to support Lords of the Cosmos #5!

LORDS OF THE COSMOS is the critically-acclaimed indie comic masterpiece that combines the best of He-Man and Heavy Metal into a sci-fi fantasy hero mashup. Bringing together the artists, writers and creators from across the comics industry, LORDS OF THE COSMOS is about to launch a kickstarter for their fifth issue. Jam packed with celebrity artist pinnups, daring storytelling and beautiful artwork, this book is a masterclass for anyone who appreciates vintage storytelling and 80s & 90s style.  Catch up on the back issues and join the Lords of the Cosmos for their next great adventure.