I was very pleased with what the inks did to this piece- from the striking use of black to silhouette out Kurt Russell’s character “MacReady” in the foreground to the background textures of the wood walls and hay on the floor that all outline “THE THING”.  I made it a point to work to keep all of the objects in totally different inking styles so whether this piece was black and white, or in color it still strikes you with all the different materials and lighting.  Speaking of light- I was also happy with how I used a compass to make bigger circles emanating from the central light source to use different levels of line work and stippling to show the flashlight as a light source.  The heavy line work on the large hands from the THING and the dogs that are being absorbed also gave all of the primary objects a real 3-D feel that you can almost reach in and feel the textures unfolding at the scene.  Finally, I felt that the THING’s dog-face was an awesome focal point with the chiaroscuro really bringing out the melted and malformed features on the dogs unbalanced and angry face.

The awesome employee at JARU Inc. that does my large scale scanning, Miss Megan, who scanned this today, told me the image was upsetting and made her uncomfortable- all I can say is- Mission Accomplished!

Another Killer pinup under my belt and onto the next one-hope you enjoy this one as much as I did making it!



Jason Lenox - THE THING - DOG