The final inked version of ATTACK ON TITAN that I made as a pinup- the detail really turned out gorgeous for the Titan, and Survey Corps horseman, and even the man in the high background getting squished! The Attack on Titan Manga is very un-detailed (but highly fluid in motion) so I had to really go over volumes 5&6 to piece together the anatomy of the equipment, uniform and gear for the cavalry rider, and even the Giant body details on the Titan- Hajime Isayama really has some things spelled out in some panels and others are left to the imagination, and then the next panel is completley opposite in terms of what is shown in detail and what isn’t. So to get a full picture, I needed to look at various reference points constantly. This made it hard to really attain the accuracy and level of detail in my style, while keeping it true to Hajime Isayama’s original designs. The details really fleshed out the composition in the end despite the lack of solid reference…or un-fleshed it in the Female Titan’s case. I felt the rider’s Jacket and the Giant’s face really were stong elements of this piece. Ironically the hardest part to ink was the shoulder patches on the rider’s jacket. The Survey Corps has a very complicated logo, and I really tried to nail it. I would have never thought that would have been as hard as it was, but indeed it vexed me.  Well I hope all of my anime friendly fans enjoy this as much as I did creating it!

Attack on Titan by  Jason Lenox