So my very cool friend I met at NYCC 2012, Jeff McComsey is one of the leaders of a small press outfit that makes comics about the Zombie World Wars, alternative cool history stuff with loads of violence.  This company is called FUBAR PRESS , and we talked for a long time about me making a pinup for them- well that time is now!

They are doing a book about Medieval Zombie warfare, so that was my task to complete- so this is the process of my research into a 3rd Crusade (1189–1192) Christian Knight, and the anatomy I pulled on the large and small intestines.  My goal was to really have some large scale physical damage.  This included an impalement, torn off face, distended ripped in half jaw and a full disembowelment- along with historically accurate gear and clothing.  I think I am on the right path!  Enjoy the carnage, inks coming soon!

 I’ll post links to get the comic this will appear in when I have more information!