Hey everybody, you wanna read more stories from Jason Lenox? You know you want to gaze in wonder at the exquisite line art, gasp at the thrilling western shoot-outs, and let a single tear fall for noble story of Elijah Holman.

We need to fund this Kickstarter for Ugli Presents Vol. 2, so that you can.


So to wet your appetite, here is the front cover- colored by Brian Allen from UGLI Studios…. Artwork by Jason Lenox……

























This thing is ready to go, it just needs the finishing touches, and to be printed.

This will be 38 fully colored pages of art from 3 artists.

Oh, you mean you didn’t realize it also would have art from Brian Allen and Joseph Freistuhler?

Well it will. A sci-fi story from Brian Allen. and a serial killer versus himself in Freistuhler’s work. 

Get the word out, do this thing, post about it on the internet, talk about it in real life. Even if you can’t contribute, you probably know someone who can, and wants to.

Click here for the Kickstarter

This is Becca the Intern, signing out.