The second half of my madcap 2 page full out action gun sword fight ends with two more fatalities, and some really fun camera angles and crazy inking.

The major changes from start to finish are Chinaman’s hand holding his sword- it ended up from the side to straight on (anatomy!) and the foot placement of rifle killer guy in the bottom right panel- the twisted up feet got changed in favor of a straight right leg and more of a falling with energy motion pose as opposed to the stutter step that I had initially tried to get.

The inking on the long hair on the top panel and blood/gunshot in the last panel are my inking highlights for me as a reader- I was really pleased how they turned out.

Page #14 is dedicated to Russ Nicholson, a childhood favorite artist of mine that I just discovered is alive and well on facebook- and he even “liked” my art page!  This guy is a pen and ink god, and I think he has influenced me more than I realized now that I’ve been going back and looking at his work from the FIGHTING FANTASY GAMEBOOK series I first picked up when I was about 6 years old!  Thanks Russ, you still rock man, this page wouldnt be what it is without your inspiration to me as a young lad!