The Shootout ends- #2 death by sword (don’t bring a knife to a gunfight Chinaman?) #3 Death by playing possum with a revolver shot to the gut when a killing blow was about to be delivered-!

I loved the top jaw head hat stabbing into the smoker’s head (we need a name for this guy!) and his cigarette is falling out – he never stopped smoking, and I loved the three bottom shots of the cloaked villain- esp his feet in the bottom right panel the raised foot shows the knietic power of the bullet impact!¬†Again you can read this as two parallel actions top across and bottom across or read this page top to bottom L to R and it makes sense both ways with page 13 as both series of events are happening concurrently.¬† I was really pleased with the action, camera angles and fluid motion and sudden action on this page- I felt it quickly summaraized a fast and deadly fight between 5 armed men.