This is a pinup that I am doing for Shawn Alleyne ‘s new project Aizan.  Right now he is doing a kickstarter to raise money for the project “Aizan the Demo”, so I am contributing this pinup of the main character- Aizan, described by Shawne as “Rebel. Anarchist. Superhero. Savior. “Aizan, The original hip-hop sci-fi ninja superhero.”  Shawne is a really cool guy that I have been lucky enough to meet at some of the conventions that I attend, and I am really honored to contribute to his project with this pinup.  Some notes- I struggled with what the layout would be, and I settled on the top down view with the soldiers lit in a spotlight with Aizan in freefall. Not only does this give the piece some movement for the eye, the image also tries  to tell a small narrative tale with this one image of the soliders discovering the vandalism on the wall, and the Aizan coming to attack them (simple, but something!) .  Some of my ink experiments (see prior post) gave me some ideas to be more creative with my and shading- so look for alot of black that fades to the small lit circle in this to move the eye! Right now, Im challenging myself to get more creative with my point of view on projects and to get away from the straight on POV that is a crutch of sorts sometimes and to move my “camera” to different points in the picture.  The genesis of this piece was doing one hyper extended leg (Aizan’s left leg) and I had that laying around for months, and when this project came up, I took the leg and built everything from it- sort of like Adam’s Rib creating Eve- I took the leg and built Aizan and her action environment in this pinup.  Enjoy!