The final inks for my Aizan: The Demo Pinup for Shawn Alleyne’s new project which you can find on Kickstarter.  I changed up the back wall to make go higher beyond the filed of view to accentuate the height of the fall or jump from Aizan onto the soldiers below.  The stark blank and whites really brought out the chiaroscuro effect I had been playing with on my experiment post the other week, this combined with the creative camera angle really plays well together.  I really loved Aizan’s anatomy with the old school euro style inking, which makes it look fast and fluid (like the character) but gave it almost wood printing block look that I started building on with the cover to Ugli Studios Presents #2 (the wrap around American flag cover) – which if anything I was inspired to do from the classic artwork in the old “Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks” from my childhood, which all featured some incredible British pen and ink artists- so thanks to all of them for the memories and inspiration for my current work! I’m really excited and proud for Shawne, so I really wanted to give him something that would take his character, Aizan, and my work to another level in layout, perspective, anatomy, shading and inking, I feel I met my personal goals on this pinup!