So this is a concept I’ve had for a few months with the “Bleeding Hollow” game module from TPK games- a werewolf in a woman’s body peeling it’s skin off like a glove.  I had originally made a sketch on the back of a flyer before one of my Tuesday night art classes (the teacher who doodles awful things…) and kept it for the last few months until I got done with our first 8 pieces, this sketch is under the finished pencil artwork below.  Now there are two nods in here to great horror films- the eyes on the werewolf are patterned after the head Vampire – Marlow –  in the Salem’s Lot 1979 TV mini-series, and the skin is patterned after the shed skin of the classic 1978 and 1993 remakes of the 1956 original Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  Both remakes had some really incredible practical effects of shed skin and people being shed like their skin was like a disposable glove, I really loved that look, and felt this piece really did it justice in pencil.  So enjoy this wicked piece of work, and a few nods to some great films!