State College Area Roller Derby is a skater owned and operated women’s flat-track derby league in State College, Pennsylvania. Also known as “S.C.A.R” these women fight other teams for dominance on their home turf skating rink known as Penn Skates in State College, PA.   My friend and super colorist from UGLI STUDIOS PRESENTS #1, Dani Kaulakis,  skates for these uber violent women, who are also nicknamed the “Happy Valley Dolls”.  Dani asked me earlier this year to bring my talents to the S.C.A.R. Table for an event tenatively called “November to Dismember”… and how can I say no to these ladies?  Of course thinking of women and dismemberment, I envsioned Kali- the Hindu Goddess of Time and Change- who is normally found with some classic old time violent imagery… I modified that with some stock photos of the Dolls Logo and Uniforms and came up with our new Super Roller Bitch– “Happy Valley Kali”!.  Much love to my color goddess Dani- I hope you all enjoy this project as I have creating this wonderful bit of old time religious artwork mixed in with S.C.A.R.’s in your face attitude!


Full Size Anatomy Study of 4 armed Roller Goddess- Kali of SCAR…. Ended up not liking the off center with the constraints of the page size and not wanting to lose any of the body above the hips.  This was a good exercise to the final pencil layout.


Thumbnail of Roller Goddess- Kali of SCAR….


Old Time Lithograph of Goddess Kali and the Happy Valley Dolls Logo- a match made in Hell.