This is the pencil layout for the Dark Paladin Gnoll Villain: “Ironmaw” for TPK Game’s “Bleeding Hollow” module.  I worked to use the same sort of character layout for a primary villain like I did with Jirak Thool, but I rotated him about 30 degrees for a different view so I wasnt just doing two character designs from straight head-on for the same project series.  I had fun with the armor, per the publisher trying to make a “face” out of his chest and waist, I thought it was pulled off in a fun visual way, but also one that would work if was real armor.  I also played around quite a bit to get the weight and balance looking correct, I want this to look like the creature’s center of gravity makes sense so you wouldnt think “well this guy would fall over!”- I think I was successful on that count.  And with this project, I like to plug the publishers fundraiser on KICKSTARTER– if we get enough donated, this character might be a metal miniature!