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Jirak Thool: Werewolf & Evil Druid- TPK Games; Pencils

This is one of the new villains for TPK’s “Bleeding Hollow” module I’m slaving away at!  JIRAK THOOL: Werewolf and Evil Druid- some of the features asked for: over sized paws and claws, magic effects, ripped druid robes and a distended over-large jaw.  I think I hit it right on.  The legs and feet are courtesy of my dog, Loki,  who modeled a bit for me to get that “dogged” look I wanted to bring to this fantastic character! You can support JIRAK THOOL on KICKSTARTER by donating some of your ill gotten gains to TPK games.

“The Bleeding Hollow”- TPK Games- Final Inks

This is the final inked piece for TPK Games setting, “The Bleeding Hollow”- I used some contrasting textures to build the spaces out in 3D and I was really pleased with the folks hanging from the trees, as well as the line texture coming out from the 5 columns on the ground to the fresh grave in the middle, it was a modification on some prior line techniques I have used in the past.





“Decimated Elven Party”- TPK Games- Final Inks

Here is the final inks for the “Decimated Elven Party” piece for TPK games.  I included my inked line phase I do after my pencils and before the elaborate shading process.  Oddly, the most interesting element may be the tree in the foreground with the creature cut in half resting at the base of the roots, I liked how that turned out.

“The Bleeding Hollow”- TPK Games- Pencil Roughs

Another pencil rough for another commission piece for my friends at TPK Games.  This is a landscape concept of a place for executions and general sacrifices to evil gods- you know the stuff they blamed D&D for getting kids to kill themselves in the 80’s?  Well nothing beats a demonic ritual and mass execution- note the pools of vomit and excrement under the dead people hanging from the trees- technical accuracy is what makes the “evil” so damn “good”- cheers!!



“Decimated Elven Party”- TPK Games- Pencil Roughs

A pencil rough for a commission piece for my friends at TPK Games.  This is a decimated party of Elves that have died in the proces of killing a small army of Gnolls (Dog-Men) and some Ogres.  Exciting stuff as I wade back into the awesome world of Tabletop RPG artwork.

TPK Games Published Artwork

My first published Role Playing Game Artwork for TPK Games “Infamous Adversaries” series.  This module is available for purchase at

Infamous Adversaries: Raxath’Viz, the Creeping Rot

TPK games homepage is found on my links & friends page.


“OTYUGH” for TPK Games

Did this old school AD&D style for my friends at TPK Games.  Check them out in my links section- they do games for the PATHFINDER system of tabletop RPG Games. 

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