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A client commission… Nibbly the Satanic cat tribute

Mercy West- Satanist

This is a project that was inspired by checking out some of Mercy West’s fans doing some artwork of her with a coat of arms. Mercy is a sex worker and Satanist, so I wanted to create something with her, and this is the result. A demonic Mercy in her boudoir… and the Satanic Flag on the wall behind her. I also made a variant with her “MW” Logo. You can check Mercy West out online easily on Twitter by clicking here to see what they are about.

Mercy West- Satanist with Satanic Flag
Mercy West – MW Logo Flag
Variant Mercy West with MW Logo

Satanic Flag

Part of the “Mercy West Project” was designing and creating a Satanic Flag… loosely based on my own heritage Scottish “Rampant Lion” flag… this time, I put in Baphomet as opposed to the classic Lion.

Rosie the Devil Dog

New Satanic pet commission to raise some money for @MorrisAnimal . If you want to help …donate some coin to help a deserving animal at


Another Satanic creature… the 7th Cat in the series.


Another fun diversion into the world of “Pusheen”

Satanic Rooster

My kids have been asking for me to make them each a “Satanic Animal” so I let them each pick. My younger son (Duncan, age 5) chose a “chicken” so he can say his pick was the Satanic Cock…

“Satanic Cock”

Satanic Cow

My kids have been asking for me to make them each a “Satanic Animal” so I let them each pick. My older son (Blaine, age 7) chose a “baby cow” so he got the Satanic Calf…

Blaine Lenox’s Satanic Calf

Black Phillip Pencils

From the movie “The VVitch” here is my poster of the real star of the movie- Black Phillip… the Goat.

Satanic Corgi

Another happy Satanic Creature!

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