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Ride of the Valkyries- Final Inks


I used a lighter inking style 3 for Valkyries, Flying Horses, and Huginn and Muninn the Ravens of Odin.  I wanted to keep this piece lighter and more ethereal with less blacks.


Jason Lenox Ride of the Valkyries

Last Starfighter: Attack on the Ko-Dan Armada Final Inks

GUNSTAR ONE Taking on the Ko-Dan Armada as Commander Kril watches on! Final inks were complex on the machinery and ships as well as the alien Kril, but of the entire piece the explosions were the hardest part to pull off.



The “FLY” Brundlefly Final Inks

So here are the final inks for my “Brundlefly” commission/pinup.

I am continuing a stylistic experiment in my inking with more large areas of black to build out my detailed areas- this is another step in that process.

I am really happy with the blacks highlighting the telepod chamber and the creature’s lit anatomy.  Overall, I think the final product turned out very well as a completed pen and ink.

Brundlefly Jason Lenox

Cleveland Comic Con Commissions

Some fun commissions I did in Ohio at the Cleveland Comic Con!



Judge Death Final Inks

I really went dark on this one and let my solid blacks build the forms to highlight the more detailed areas.  I give you JUDGE DEATH!!


Jason Lenox Judge Death


Baltimore Comic Con 2015 Commissions

Judge Death, Mysterio and Black Canary  filled my docket for Baltimore this year, and Judge Death is getting the full ink treatment for a client – Ill update that as a separate entry when done!

Jason Lenox Judge Death


Jason Lenox Mysterio

Jason Lenox Black Canary


“There has been too much violence. Too much pain. But I have an honorable compromise. Just walk away. Give me your pump, the oil, the gasoline, and the whole compound, and I’ll spare your lives. Just walk away and we’ll give you a safe passageway in the wastelands. Just walk away and there will be an end to the horror.”  – THE LORD HUMUNGUS

The final inks really brought out all the elements of this pinup, one major fix from the pencils was getting the anatomy on Humungus’s left arm fixed.  So without further fanfare- MAD MAX 2…

Jason Lenox Mad Max 2 Humungus Final Inks


Bill Hicks Third Eye – Final Inks

This turned out exactly how I wanted it with minimal shading and bold lights in a field of darkness- the third eye sets off Bill Hicks face and gave it the otherworldly look It needed.

Prying open my third eye. x 10 with Bill Hicks indeed…

And a related bit of music from the Band TOOL about Bill Hicks entitled of course “THIRD EYE” … Listen here.

Jason Lenox Bill Hicks

“Mick the Nerd” Collaboration Cover

So I reached out to “Mick the Nerd” from the Howard Stern Show about doing some art with him for his comic project they talked about on the show– you can hear the whole interview here

Mick was really cool about it and we decided to do a joint cover for his comic- he did the right half, and I did his character “Archangel Michael” on the left side.

Hopefully Mick can join me at a show so we can both sign copies of this for the fans- thank you Mick for including me in your comic book projects!

Here is the final collaboration, and his reference art I worked off of.

Jason Lenox and Mick the Nerd artwork

Michael Reference sheet


Immortan Joe- Mad Max Fury Road – Final Inks

I really made it a point to accent some solid blacks in the background vehicle, the Gigahorse,  and kept the foreground character, Immortan Joe, ghostly white.

So without further delay- my MAD MAX FURY ROAD pinup fully inked!

Immortan Joe Mad Max Jason Lenox

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