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MD Geist Final Inks

Really wanted to use my solid black spaces to build an enviroment around this mostly black suit.  I was happy with the final result.

Jason Lenox MD Geist

Fantasy Artwork Elf and Warforged – Inks

Some fine pen and ink work really brought out the old school RPG look on this artwork!

Jason Lenox Elf and Warforged

Robocop Vs. ED-209 Commission – Final Inks

In it’s full pen and ink glory, some of my favorite childhood characters slugging it out….  Who will win?

Robocop ED209 Jason Lenox Inks

Joker Proposes to Harley Quinn Commission – Final Inks

Several weeks of inking…. final commission of Joker and Harley!  The solid blacks in Harley really brought the inking to life on this piece!

Jason Lenox Harley and Joker

Art of Jason Lenox Vol. 3 Back Cover Sketches

I just wrapped up all 14 of these- lots of fun using a marker on a tight schedule with a huge variety of subjects, from “Call of Cthulhu” to “Full Metal Jacket”!


Lenox Back Sketch Cover 7

Lenox Back Sketch Cover 2

Lenox Back Sketch Cover 1Lenox Back Sketch Cover 5

Lenox Back Sketch Cover 6Lenox Back Sketch Cover 4

Lenox Back Sketch Cover 8Lenox Back Sketch Cover 3

Lenox Back Sketch Cover 9

Lenox Back Sketch Cover 11

Lenox Back Sketch Cover 12

Lenox Back Sketch Cover 13

Lenox Back Sketch Cover 14

Lenox Back Sketch Cover 10

Ride of the Valkyries- Final Inks


I used a lighter inking style 3 for Valkyries, Flying Horses, and Huginn and Muninn the Ravens of Odin.  I wanted to keep this piece lighter and more ethereal with less blacks.


Jason Lenox Ride of the Valkyries

Last Starfighter: Attack on the Ko-Dan Armada Final Inks

GUNSTAR ONE Taking on the Ko-Dan Armada as Commander Kril watches on! Final inks were complex on the machinery and ships as well as the alien Kril, but of the entire piece the explosions were the hardest part to pull off.



The “FLY” Brundlefly Final Inks

So here are the final inks for my “Brundlefly” commission/pinup.

I am continuing a stylistic experiment in my inking with more large areas of black to build out my detailed areas- this is another step in that process.

I am really happy with the blacks highlighting the telepod chamber and the creature’s lit anatomy.  Overall, I think the final product turned out very well as a completed pen and ink.

Brundlefly Jason Lenox

Cleveland Comic Con Commissions

Some fun commissions I did in Ohio at the Cleveland Comic Con!



Judge Death Final Inks

I really went dark on this one and let my solid blacks build the forms to highlight the more detailed areas.  I give you JUDGE DEATH!!


Jason Lenox Judge Death


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