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2018 Tee Shirts- “Draw With Me In Hell”

Taking some inspiration from LAMB OF GOD for 2018, this is the front and back from my new shirts-

Shirt Back

2017 Jason Lenox Tee Shirt Artwork

For the fifth year in a row- a Heavy Metal Tour Shirt with a Jason Lenox twist.

This year, SLAYER takes a turn at the Altar of LENOX!!!


New Convention Banner


Jason Lenox Chimera Banner revised



2015 Convention Posters- Using Manga Studio 5 & GIMP

Just an update on some of the promotional material I have made for my appearances in 2015- as well as the BookFest 2015 poster which I created the artwork for- the library did their own graphic layout on it, but I felt it should be included with this list of material.

Jason Baltimore Comic Con4

WWPittsburgh 2015 Jason Lenox


WVPOP CON Low Res Flyer Jason Lenox









































Jason Lenox Poster for Awesome Con 2015


SCI FI 2015 poster final Jason Lenox


Jason Lenox Book Fest at Schlow Library 2015



Dr Who Commission

Just a small sketch commission I made for a client of David Tennant in pen and ink, I threw a bit of color to accent his 3-D glasses.

Jason Lenox David Tennant

Lords of the Comsmos- Colored Art Chapter 2

Just got this in for Chapter 2 of Lords of the Cosmos… Colors by Dani Kaulakis… Lords of the Cosmos Jason Lenox Chapter 2

UGLI STUDIOS PRESENTS #3 Color Cover Artwork

Introducing the New Comic Cover for Ugli Studios Presents #3 Featuring the DISCIPLES OF UMEX from LORDS OF THE COSMOS!
Thanks to Dani Kaulakis for the outstanding color work and layout job on the cover!
Check out the Kickstarter HERE to support the project!
Ugli Studios Presents #3 Jason Lenox

Disciples of Umex – Promotional Poster

I made this vertical DISCIPLES OF UMEX poster on Manga Studio 5.  Basically a fun promotional piece for the LORDS OF THE COSMOS villains to get into the act of marketing, when they aren’t killing people!

Disciples of Umex Poster Jason Lenox



I just made these two posters of Aegeus and Umex- the principle leaders of the LORDS OF THE COSMOS and THE DISCIPLES OF UMEX.  Enjoy, I wanted to make them monochromatic and bold to get that 80’s action figure fun vibe to the final artwork!

Jason Lenox Aegeus

Jason Lenox UMEX

Setsucon 2015 Promotional Poster

I was very happy with this new digital composition poster I made on Manga Studio 5 to promote my 2015 appearance as a featured guest artist at SETSUCON!

My guest appearance just went online here.

Check it out and enjoy!


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